Wallpapers designed by hand

A traditional painting technique combined with digital printing allows us to achieve wallpapers that reproduce the brush strokes and the delicacy of handmade drawing.
Golden wallpaper with white flowers, floral botanical pattern design, designed by hand, high end wallcovering, tondo circular wallpaper
In the Tondi Fiori collection, Weronika Anna Rosa’s organic creations meet the purest geometrical shape. Five unique floral art-works have been transformed into decorative medallions, opening a window over a bucolic garden. Luminous shine and brightness are introduced by a touch of either gold, silver or pearl, which reflects light gently.
A tondo (plural tondi) is an Italian term for a circular work of art, especially popular during the Renaissance. Round shapes in decorative painting were known since the Greek antiquity and have a strong meaning in our culture. 
The circle has no beginning and no end, symbolise perfection, harmony, unity and balance. Soft and smooth, without sharp angles, the curvy lines give a sense of continuity, comfort and calmness.
Our wallpapers are printed-to-order and ship within 2 to 3 weeks. 
modern interior with wall decor, wallpaper silver water lilies, floral pattern, designed by hand, high end wallcovering. Round wall decoration.