Our Story

We believe in the uniqueness of objects created with a true passion, in the timelessness of noble materials and careful craftsmanship. We focus on perfecting well-made pieces that can stand the test of time. Weronika Rosa is a personal, design brand founded in Lisbon by Polish artist  - Weronika Anna Rosa. Unique, blooming patterns with poetic designs and beautiful, vibrant colours are our signature. 
Weronika Anna Rosa polish artist and designer, peony flower blooming
Weronika grew up in Warsaw, in a family deeply involved in arts and natural sciences. These two distant and, at the same time complementary worlds, constitute a strong pillar of her visual sensibility and botanical inspirations. After graduating from high school, she left Poland for France. In both countries, she studied drawing, painting and various decorative techniques.
She came to Portugal as part of a scholarship in Art History and started to paint even more intensively. Shortly after, Weronika had her first individual exhibition, which met with a great success. She felt herself blossoming. 
table with botanical drawing orchid cymbidium, Weronika Anna Rosa painting in her art studio in Lisbon
Beside painting, she started to develop an idea that was maturing in her head for a long time. With her today's business partner, Xavier Bellot, she founded the company and started to paint large floral compositions with the intention of becoming interior decorations and textile designs.
Each pattern is like a journey during which Weronika translates her hand-painted projects into living matter, fully expressed through the texture of material and the rare tactile experience it brings. Artistic freedom combined with savoir-faire of Italian craftsmen enable the creation of our collections in accordance with the rules of art. Every single object we create, is edited in limited editions, to keep its uniqueness and originality.
Our mission is to bring extraordinary to daily life.
Galeria Nizio, material mistrza tkanina, floral armchair, velvet with floral design, hand-painted flowers for interior decoration, Weronika Anna Rosa art studio in Lisbon