The benefits of wearing silk all year long (even in winter)

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Due to its apparent delicacy and soft texture, silk is often associated with spring and summer seasons. But this light weighted material is also used in clothes and accessories in fall-winter collections. Is silk good in al weather conditions? Even when the temperature start to shrink? 

Known as « the queen of all fabrics », silk is a natural protein fibre obtained from the cocoon of mulberry silkworm larvae. When wearing silk apparels, you don’t need to choose between good looking and comfort. It spells grace and timeless elegance, but… additionally has the ability to regulate your body temperature efficiently. Silk is a perfect insulator for both - cold and hot seasons. In winter, it keeps you warm and cosy, while in summer, it protects you from the heat comfortably.

Thanks to its breathability, lightweight and smoothness, it is ideal to be worn directly on the skin, including by people with very sensitive or allergy prone skin types. Unlike synthetics fabrics, silk fully allows your skin to breathe and help to maintain your body temperature at the right level. It is smooth, delicate in touch, but not slippery as polyester satin (often used in the production of inexpensive silk-like scarves). As a natural material, silk produces and retain moisture on its own and tricks the nervous system into relaxing mode.

Estação Suave editorial for Lisboeta Magazine, photo: Alex Tome (Atome)


With its versatility, a silk scarf is a perfect companion, all year long, finding its place in a casual setting, as an accessory for special occasions or as a shiny touch in a business meetings. Moreover, silk is very durable and, thanks to the length of its fibres, one of the strongest natural fabrics. If you take care of your silk scarves and cloths properly, they can last for years or even be passed down from generation to generation. 

Silk scarves, neckerchiefs and twilly from our last season-less collection combine beautiful, bold colours with timeless, floral prints designed by hand. Designed with the modern women in mind, the accessories are versatile and easy to wear, to light up daily apparel and add an effortless chic touch.


Estação Suave editorial for Lisboeta Magazine, photo: Alex Tome (Atome)


Special note for people with sensitive skin:

The silk, we use to create our scarves and accessories, is certified as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OEKO‑TEX® STANDARD 100, which guarantee the organic origin of our silk and the absence of harmful substance for your skin. 



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