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Weronika Anna Rosa has always been inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Art Nouveau and the Italian Renaissance. In her works, she combines gold and bold colours seen in the streets of Lisbon.

[article translated from "Weranda" magazine]

Floral pattern designing by Weronika Anna Rosa in her art studio in Lisbon

It started… my childhood. I grew up in a family with traditions related to natural science and art. From an early age, I have been observing nature with my grandparents and preparing herbariums with dry plants. My parents used to take me to museums, theaters, and operas. For as long as I can remember, I have been painting.

After graduating from high school, I went to France. In Marseille, I attended classes at the Academy of Fine Arts, and in Brittany, I studied the Japanese art of silk painting. Strongly marked outlines that can be found in my works come from this experience. I paint the contours with golden Japanese ink - this technique is inspired by the guta, a resin liner used in painting on silk to separate colours.

Gold… is strongly present in Japanese aesthetics. It's a way to play between the visible and the invisible. Gold is rich and noble, but it is used in a minimised way. The golden elements are not strongly accentuated. They remain in the shadow until they magically appear through light rays, glowing differently through different angles. This is not the only Japanese inspiration in my works. In the last wallpapers collection - Tondi Fiori, I used the circle shape. When creating the collection, I was inspired by the Italian Renaissance tondo (a painting or a bas-relief in the shape of a circle), but also by the aesthetics of the Land of the Rising Sun, where the circle symbolises harmony. The central point is a golden semi-matte medallion with a floral composition inscribed in it. For half a year I was looking for a manufacture that would have a golden substrate with a refined texture of fine sand, shimmering only when the light shines on it, bringing a lively theatrical effect.

Golden art wallpaper with white flowers - wall decor

I paint plants...

...because I have been always fascinated with their natural beauty. Plants are patient and do not get tired like a living model. You can watch them for hours, touch them. One of my favorite flowers are tulips. They fade beautifully - their petals and stalks bend, as if they were dancing. Flemish still lifes from the 17th and 18th centuries show it wonderfully. But there are plenty other flowers I love, especially anemones and lilacs - that I fondly miss in Lisbon.


I have been living here for over four years and this city constantly inspires me. It is extremely luminous and full of colour thanks to the azulejos, the tiles that surround the facades of the houses. It dared me to use stronger colours that people in Poland or France are not used to. I mainly paint flowers, and here there is always something blooming all year round, even in winter almonds or camellias.

I came to Portugal thanks to a scholarship in art history and Lisbon completely charmed me. This is also where my adventure with serious painting began. During my first individual exhibition, I nearly sold every painting I hung. It was a true reality check and a good reason to devote myself to painting, completely.

Tulips decorative painting by polish botanical artist Weronika Anna Rosa

The idea to design wallpapers ...

...matured in my head for a long time. The format of my paintings (high and narrow panels) refers to wall decorations from the Art Nouveau period. But only in Lisbon the idea became a reality. During one of the exhibitions, I met Xavier Bellot, today my business partner, with who I developed my textile and wallpaper collections.
I am deeply inspired by the artistic trends of the late 19th century, especially the Arts & Crafts movement and Art Nouveau. Their purpose was to create functional, but also beautiful objects. Beyond utility, I want my wallpapers, murals and tondi to bring a visual delight. Recently, I have taken another step towards applied art by creating patterns for my silk scarves.
Artful wall decor with flowers water lilies, golden wallcovering, circular wallpaper for modern interiors

All my works ...

...are designed by hand. First, I sketch the entire composition on paper, fill it with colours using gouache, and then scan it. Next, the drawings are cleaned on a computer. But not too much, because I want to keep the handicraft aspect of my projects. I edit all my wallapapers under limited editions only. I care to retain their artistic character and uniqueness.

Conversation with Weronika Anna Rosa by Agnieszka Wójcińska

Weronika Anna Rosa working on floral botanical painting

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